According To Walter
Its too bad this blog doesn't have an extra-LOUD setting

Night Train: 1
Walt: 0

Now, I love trains. I prefer their wider seats and walking areas. I prefer their openable windows and antique breaks that make a noise like the gates of hell opening. I prefer the wildly fluctuating temperatures and frequent stops so border guards (or simply men who like badges) can shake me awake and ogle my passport. Yes, these are the things that make train travel special.

But it doesnt provide for the best night of sleep.

I shared a cabin with a Chilean named Pablo on his way to Istanbul. Although I envy his destination, I cant say Im jealous that after the 10 hour night train he was catching the first 10 hour day train to Istanbul. Sometimes you just need a break.

I feel like this is an appropriate time to mention my recent, how do you say, condition. I dont know if it was all the cevapi I ate in Sarajevo or my body’s compensation for the summer that never arrived in Prague, but I have grown, spawned might be a better word, another 8 million sweat glands. Wikipedia tells me that the average adult human has around 2.6 million sweat glands, so in perspective, the increase of sweating makes my estimate seem a little low. Maybe Ive developed 40 million more sweat glands.

I dont know why.

Its like Im always swimming.

Its like Im Tom Khoudary.

This fact makes me love showers. But since I got to my hostel in Sofia at 8:00 AM and they dont check in til 12:30, I am forced to enjoy the film of crust on my skin.

I have a woefully small amount of time here in Sofia. And it is entirely the fault of WizzAir who only flies from Burgas, Bulgaria to Warsaw once every two weeks (and their two-weekly flight leaves the day after tomorrow. From a town 7 hours away. Balls). Nonetheless, the stunning Kate Goldstein has given me a to do list that I will try valiantly to accomplish (regardless of the fact that an alarming percentage of the list contained activities, and I quote, “with creepy drunk men who speak no english.” And you know Im not one to take things out of context.

So I will try. And then I will take another night train tomorrow night to catch an early flight to Warsaw to stay in Warsaw (or explore the surrounding area, I dont know) for five nights. This trip is quickly drawing to a close.

And if I fail to achieve the Amazing Race list of Sofia, it is no catastrophe. Im already planning to get back to the Balkans, as they are on a level equal with China in amazingness. Thats right, equal in amazingness.

So Ill wait for the shower. Heres a picture of something cool:


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  1. Oh, you make a Daddy proud!

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