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Before I traveled last summer, I had a conversation with the superbly wise Jacquie Heim. Over the course of this conversation she said some things to me that I will never forget. The most important (and relevant) of them being the following:

Dont be one of those assholes who comes back after traveling around the world and thinks they know everything.

Truth bombs. Bam.

But its true. Ive been a lot of places (41 cities in 13 different countries) within the past year. And you know what? I know nothing, let alone everything. The little that I thought I knew has now been put in the context of a world that is so infinitely larger than I am that whatever knowledge was contained therein, has become as the most infinitesimal, microscopic thing. Its phenomenal. I never thought I would be so lucky as to be made to feel so insignificant by a big amazing world.

But Ive learned a lot. My invisible-to-the-naked-eye small amount of worldly knowledge has grown by 41/13 imperceptible steps. I would never claim that I know everything. I might act like it, but thats just because I enjoy the challenge of bullshitting about things. Exercises in persuasion I call them. But deep down I know, you know, that this extra large head of mine will never know everything.

And thats the beauty of it all.

Im heading to Paris to see my sister in 8 days. So move the fraction to 42/14. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe traveling again will give me the motivation to finish the posts I never threw up (like Cinque Terre, my last trip through Prague, and the rest of Warsaw). Who knows.

Also, I think I will continue to write on this, albeit less frequently and about much less cool things (simply the nature of my regular non-globetrotting lifestyle). I dont know if youll stick around to read it or if youve stuck around this far. But I hope you will. I value you, reader. Your silent, watchful eyes. Your caring, infrequently placed comments. Your enthusiasm that oscillates between yeah-I-guess and meh. Ill be here, patiently scribing the world I know, inserting half baked bad jokes and a lot of pretentious egocentric musings.

Am I selling this alright? Would you buy this product from me? From Billy Mays?

Thats what I thought.


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  1. Walt, You are an amazing storyteller and writer! I have been privileged to read your travel blog and am astonished at the great poignancy and humor that you bring to your journaling. You are a great photographer, also, which really helps to illustrate your words beautifully. I told Lauren that I thought that you should write a book based on your blog. Believe me, it would sell. You never cease to amaze me with your talents and with your character. I am extremely proud to know you and can’t wait to see what all God does in your future. Keep up the great work of your faith and keep being the wonderful you that you are! Blessings and love always, Mama B.

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