According To Walter
Its too bad this blog doesn't have an extra-LOUD setting

To the two people that have viewed my blog for the past handful of days:

Thank you. Your loyalty is admirable.

Theres been a lot going on in this little life of mine. Ill treat you to some of it this weekend.

But seriously, its strange, eerie even, how flattering it is to see my tiny graph say two views. Right above where my blog service reads “DEADBEAT” in all caps and complains that I never call anymore and wishes that I would take it out to dinner and have a real conversation with it once in a while. You know how they get.


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  1. Quite entertaining. Most enjoyable road travel blog. Keep up the good work. Perhaps you might have similar upside-down poses on the UT campus. You appear to have the needed qualifications for the Arts and Sausage Party platform (slightly different from the run of the mill Tea Party extravanganza!). More accordian is needed. Your cousin. Smiling but still lost somewhere on the way from work in Dallas.

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