According To Walter
Its too bad this blog doesn't have an extra-LOUD setting

Just a couple of things real quick for those faithful few of you.

I am once again back to my home away from home (also known as the Austin Bergstrom International Airport, but really any flying contraption station gives me the same cold/terrible seating/oddly comforting embrace). This time Im off to the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA to check in on a handful of hooligans from Prague.

I realize that I lied to you the other day. Straight up lied. Right through the teeth. But I will deliver.


Also, speaking of Prague, if you, like me, never wanted to leave (albeit vicariously on your part, now my part as well), then I encourage you, nay, I implore you to read this young man’s blog. Thats coming to you direct from the clever mind of Ben Lyon aka this kid:

Until next time, kamaradku.


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